0104-change-synology-password-cli I love my Synology NAS (1815+), for some configurations or changes, it’s easier to use the command line. It’s familiar, based on Linux, though not Oct 31, 2020 Security & Synology & ChangePasswords & Passwd & Synouser & CLI & General
0104-change-synology-password-cli Oct 31, 2020 Security & Synology & ChangePasswords & Passwd & Synouser & CLI & General I love my Synology NAS (1815+), for some configurations or changes, it’s easier to use the command line. It’s familiar, based on Linux, though not 0105-free-git-ebook Oct 30, 2020 General & Resources & Free & eBook & Git & ProGit & Book & Training On GIT-SCM they have a free Git ebook, called Pro Git, avalible for download. It can be read online or downloaded in PDF or EPUB formats. Pro Git 0103-using-brew-bundle-to-backup-and-restore-mac-app-store-and-brew-apps Oct 24, 2020 macOS & appstore & mas-cli & mas & brew & bundle & General Per the Bundle github README, Bundler is a [1] “Bundler for non-Ruby dependencies from Homebrew, Homebrew Cask, Mac App Store(MAS) and Whalebrew.” Update macOS with an all in one alias Oct 17, 2020 macOS & aio update & appstore & mas-cli & mas & brew mas & brew & softwareupdate & General & Tech Notes Combining brew update commands, and commands from the posts update-macos-via-cli-with-softwareupdate and manage-mac-appstore-apps-with-mas, an all Mac App Store Command Line Interface Oct 16, 2020 macOS & appstore & mas-cli & mas & brew mas & Tech Notes & General As stated in the mas-cli README, mas-cli is a simple command line interface for the Mac App Store. Designed for scripting and automation. It allows 0100-macos-softwareupdate-cli Oct 15, 2020 macOS & SoftwareUpates & cli & UpdateCommands & TechNotes & General The softwareupdate command is a system software update tool. The man description is “Software Update checks for new and updated versions of your Markdown Crash Course Video Oct 10, 2020 markdown & crash course & md & @traversymedia & Development I’ve been writing a lot recently, such as this blog, in markdown. I’ve referenced cheatsheets etc, but I’m always a sucker for quick, braindump, What’s New with Fusion and Workstation [HCP1833] Oct 1, 2020 General & Virtualization & VMWorld & HCP1833 & Tech Notes & @mikeroySoft Presentation was even by @mikeroySoft https://mikeroysoft.com/ Fusion standard is no more, but Workstation and Fusion player are free for non File IO in Python Aug 26, 2020 Development & Python & fileio & Tech Notes These are my Tech Notes for File IO in Python. A file can be opened in several modes, read, append, write, and create. It can also be specified as Overview of vSphere 7 Video Jun 12, 2020 Virtualization & VMware & vSphere & Tech Notes Having not, had any hands on yet, with vSphere 7, I wanted an overview of what to expect. In this video Bob gives his picks, and below are a few 0095-what_is_iso Oct 25, 2019 If you’ve worked in technology, for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of ISO. It may had been in class, a book, or when working with a Migrating Website Oct 20, 2019 General & Migrating & Ghost & blot.im Migrating the website to Ghost. Actually ending up on Blot.im 2020-10. Pardon the missing links, etc, as I cut things over HTML details Tag Sep 19, 2019 Development & HTML & Details Tag & Tech Notes Looking for a way to make a simple Question and Answer solution for little quiz/reflection sections in my blog posts, I came across many CSS/JS Microsoft RD Client iOS App Oct 3, 2018 General & RDP & iOS App & Remote Desktop Working in a mostly Microsoft environment, it’s no surprise, most of my lab is Windows based as well. Remote administration has gotten easier with 0091-create_vmware_esxi_usb_install_media Aug 5, 2018 Virtualization & ESXi & Install Media & USB Install & VMware It’s not often I install from physical media anymore, but it still has it’s uses. This USB stick, will be used to install ESXi, on my Intel NUC’s, Intel NUC Lab Hosts Hardware Setup Aug 5, 2018 Virtualization & Intel & NUC & Lab & hosts It was a long time coming, buying proper Lab hardware, and after reading a couple of Blogs by Florian @virten, that I decided on the Intel NUC. One 0089-installng_microsoft_sql_2016 Aug 4, 2018 General & SQL & MSSQL & Microsoft & ManagmentStudio I’m installing MS SQL 2016 in this lab. Things like WSUS, will be moved here after their default installs, to see how those migration processes Installing the First Two Domain Controllers in the VMware ESXi 6.7 Lab Environment Aug 3, 2018 Security & ActiveDirectory & DomainController & DC & forest Time to install the Active Directory Domain Controllers, centralized user management, Group Policy, Single Sign On (SSO), deploy applications, among 0088-deploy_vcsa_in_lab Aug 3, 2018 Virtualization & VCSA & vCenter & VMware & Lab Download the VMware vCenter Appliance ISO from VMware Downloads, and Mount it on the VM you will be deploying vCenter from. Navigate to the Macchanger Utility, and Usage Jul 30, 2018 Network & Security & macchanger & change mac Used it before, but nothing beyond changing the MAC, and moving on? In this lab, the macchanger command syntax is walked through. The purpose for
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