RSAC OnDemand Videos

My Picks

Posted by Scott Bollinger / @kfalconspb on May 13, 2018 #Security

OnDemand Videos

I just wanted to bring to your attention that, the OnDemand Videos of the RSA Conference are available online.

I've also listed below, two of my favorites from the list.

The OnDemand page can be found at It's free to sign up. You'll then receive the access code: ONDEMANDUS2018 <- Note all UpperCase ;)

My Picks

My first suggestion is, Securing Diversity - Diversity in Cybersecurity - Changing the Conversation by Professor Kim Jones, Director, Cybersecurity Education Consortium, Arizona State University

I agree with Mr. Jones, that these conversations need to be brought to the big room. But also back to our own teams. Every great team I have been a part of, or helped build, I can attribute it's success in large part by it's diversity. As you grow your teams remember, each of us adds, their unique background, and ideas to the team. Please take ~15mins and watch this video.

My second suggestion is Industry Experts Incorporating Security Practices into Business Processes by Dr. Tracy Celaya, President and Principal Consultant, Go Consulting International, and Ira Winkler, President, Secure Mentem

There is some really great material. Ira, as always, is fun to listen to, and by the time the talk is done you will feel exhausted.


I hope you take the time, to browse the videos, to see if anything interests you. Keynotes and other videos also available on the site.

Everyone have an impactful week,

Scott Bollinger / @kfalconspb