December 29, 2017

Finally Live with Only Two Days to Spare

Finally Live
with Only Two Days to Spare

Tick Tock

Nothing like waiting until the last moment, with only two days remaining on my plan. I've been working on the blog migrations since summer, so I was neither surprised, nor did it just sneak up. Trying to fix every issue and being obsessive is my first reaction to most projects. At some point, I just had to pull the trigger and go live. I'm sure I'll always be fixing something, so lets call this an Agile blogging process, and if you could just roll with it too, that'd be great k!


It's been a long time since I've done much in HTML. Little formatting things on reports maybe, but years since I've had the blog in HTML and JavaScript. Even then it was done mostly in a WYSIWYG editor, like Frontpage. I choose this though, it was also a requirement to move to Github Pages. Static HTML pages, JavaScript, some jquery, and of course CSS, all somewhat new to me. A lot of googling how to do things, and some trial and errors. A LOT of errors...

Learning as I Go

As with most things, I like to self study or work it out in a lab environment. Figuring stuff out on the run, is where I learn the most. Sure, I read countless articles and posts. Watch hours, upon hours, of videos on PluralSight and YouTube. But there is nothing like pounding it out on the keyboard, and figuring out why some things are not working like it does in the book or tutorial. This has been one of those journey's. So now that everything is 'set', here go the stories. I think the best ones to start with will be, the setup and things I had to learn for the migrating here.

Hope you enjoy.