June 12, 2020

Tech Notes: Overview of vSphere 7

Bob Plankers @plankers highlights vSphere 7 features

Tech Notes: Overview of vSphere 7

Bob @Plankers Overview of vSphere 7

Having not, had any hands on yet, with vSphere 7, I wanted an overview of what to expect. In this video Bob gives his picks, and below are a few that stood out for me.

Bob Plankers @plankers highlights vSphere 7 features https://youtu.be/XkP6QCutw9k

Improved Lifecycle management, simplify hardware firmware patching/configurations, as well as VMWare software upgrades. Nowhere to go but improvement from here in my opinion. VMWare patching has always seemed clunky, and disjointed to me. Yes, 6.x as an improvement over 5, but I'm hoping for a more streamlined, single paned process, this time.

vCenter profiles, vCenter servers can subscribe to configuration data from another vCenter server, and now have the ability to import and export vCenter configurations.

Content Library, checking in and out of templates, and version control.
Windows server failover clustering against VMDKs, this will enable the virtualization and removal of RDMs, and the complexity they brought with failover.

Identity Federations, the ability to move authentication to your enterprise Identity provider, enable MFA, for a more centralized user management.
vMotion, faster, with lower stun times, and the ability move an encrypted VM cross-vCenter with vMotion without decrypting.

Watch his video and enjoy. I can't wait to lab this stuff!