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Aug 5, 2018

Create VMware ESXi USB Install Media

Create VMware ESXi USB Install Media

Download the ESXi ISO from the VMware Download Website. This ISO needs to be written to the USB, and be made bootable. There are many applications which can do this for you, in this example, we'll be using UNetbootin.

Aug 5, 2018

Intel NUC Lab Hosts Hardware Setup

Intel NUC Lab Hosts
Hardware Setup

As I've mentioned in prior posts, you don't need a bunch of expensive hardware to learn, and have a working lab. It's just easier to configure, and allows you to run more virtual machines at one time.

May 25, 2018

Who is Veeam? And Why I Use Them

Who is Veeam?
And Why I Use Them

Backing IT upProbably best known for it's backup and recovery products, Veeam has positioned itself in the last twelve years, as a market leader in the availability space. Servicing 300K customers, large and

Mar 15, 2018

VeeamON 2018 Conference Alright, Who's Going?

What?VeeamON is the annual conference for Veeam Customers and Partners. Two and a half days of General Sessions, Keynotes, over 60 breakout sessions, talking to Veeam Experts, getting certified, and exploring the

Aug 28, 2017

Road to VMware VMWorld 2017 All 22 miles

Lucky Las VegasI live in Las Vegas, which is great, a lot of conferences are held here. I'm also fortunate, as my employer, believes in conferences and training. Saving on the travel costs

Sep 6, 2016

Top vBlogs 2016 Virtualization Blogs

vSphere-land.comVisit Eric Siebert's blog today! Great posts as well as a wealth of information and resources. Did I mention resources? Ton's of them. Annually, they do a Top vBlogs list,

Mar 8, 2016

E1000/VMXnet3 Tales from the Trench

A silent killerWas it a disaster situation? A 0-day? or a data center fire? Nope, not a flashy problem or even a spectacular firestorm. It was a simple changeAn inadvertent change of a

Jul 8, 2015

AWS WorkSpaces VDI Minus the Infrastructure

WorkSpaces. What is it?VDI minus the I? Not quite, but could almost be.Depending our your desktop workload, AWS WorkSpaces could be a viable virtual desktop environment. Amazon WorkSpaces is a "managed

Jul 8, 2015

What is AWS? Amazon Web Services

AWSAWS is Amazon Web Services. They offer a set of products and services that include (1) "compute, storage, database, analytic's, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and

May 6, 2014

Citrix Synergy 2014 Anaheim!

Citrix Synergy 2014

I'm attending Citrix Synergy again this year. I'm sure the next few days will be filled with sessions, vendor meetings, and trying to figure out, this years, product name changes.