February 18, 2015

What Blogging is for Me and What All This is


Blogging today comes in many forms. Personal blogs, business blogs, micro blogging platforms like Twitter and Tumblr, Some have advertisements, others not. It's up to each person or business to decide what content they are going to publish. Blogs can be specific to a technology, vendor, topic, or a mixture of everything.No longer just a web log of chronological posts, or at least not only that now.

I've decided to use my blog as a learning platform. Mainly for me. A place for my study and research notes. A place for me to note items of interest, study, or obstacles I've encountered.

So for the record I'm not claiming to be the authoritative source for anything. The topics and exam objectives I'm writing about can be found elsewhere on the internet and probably in more detail. . As I reference articles and sources I'll note them in my notes. As I explore topics I may only touch on a piece of the technology I'm attempting to learn. So unless I state so the post are not meant as a one stop masterclass deep dive. Treat them more as wanderings, nuggets, solutions, and answers to the often erratic career and hobby of a geek.

One thing you will notice is that breadth of technologies I touch for professional reasons has me busy with virtualization, storage, security, network/ADC, and administration. So hold on the I switch gears often.

I hope you find the posts helpful in your study or particular problem of interest. There is of course many ways to do the same task. If you have a better or alternate solution or tidbit, I'd love to hear it and learn something new. Stay tuned as I feel out the objectives listed here and other topics as I wander.