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0105-free-git-ebook Oct 30, 2020 General & Resources & Free & eBook & Git & ProGit & Book & Training On GIT-SCM they have a free Git ebook, called Pro Git, avalible for download. It can be read online or downloaded in PDF or EPUB formats. Pro Git 0059-itil_resource Feb 28, 2017 General & ITIL & Training & Resources I came across a free training resource for ITIL and wanted to pass on. I’ll also be adding it to my InfoFireHose page. Check out all the great 0053-netscaler_301_class_review Jan 29, 2017 Networks & Security & Virtualization & NetScaler & CNS301 & Training The next leg of my NetScaler journey began the first week of January. I attended in NetScaler Advanced Implementation in class training at the 0025-my_pluralsight_review Jul 10, 2015 General & Training For a little over a month, I’ve had the excellent opportunity to review the entire Pluralsight catalog. First, I would like to say that I wasn’t 0016-laura_chappell_wireshark_videos Feb 21, 2015 Network & WCNA & Wireshark & Training & Videos Free Wireshark Core Training WCT01 Network Analysis Overview and WCT02 Introduction to Wireshark. These videos are taught by Laura Chappell. Both