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Change Synology NAS Password from the CLI Oct 31, 2020 Security & Synology & change password & passwd & synouser & cli & General I love my Synology NAS (1815+), for some configurations or changes, it’s easier to use the command line. It’s familiar, based on Linux, though not What is ISO? Oct 25, 2019 Security & General & ISO & Tech Notes If you’ve worked in technology, for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of ISO. It may had been in class, a book, or when working with a Installing the First Two Domain Controllers in the VMware ESXi 6.7 Lab Environment Aug 3, 2018 Security & Active Directory & Domain Controller & DC & forest Time to install the Active Directory Domain Controllers, centralized user management, Group Policy, Single Sign On (SSO), deploy applications, among Macchanger Utility, and Usage Jul 30, 2018 Network & Security & macchanger & change mac Used it before, but nothing beyond changing the MAC, and moving on? In this lab, the macchanger command syntax is walked through. The purpose for Install OpenSSH on Ubuntu 18.04 Jul 24, 2018 Security & OpenSSH & Ubuntu & ssh You’re going to need it, you’re going to use it. SSH is one of the first applications I install and configure, when setting up a new Linux host. In Install xRDP on Ubuntu 18.04 Jul 24, 2018 Security & General & xrdp & Ubuntu I like RDP, it’s familiar. I’ve used it forever. It has it’s strengths, like ease of setup, and familiarity. It also has some weaknesses if not Install a Kali Linux VM in a VMware ESXi 6.7 Environment Jul 24, 2018 Virtualization & Kali & Linux & VMware & ESXi & Security Beginning of the Security Lab There are a few options, when it comes to Kali, and running it as a VM. Available for download are, prebuilt VM RSAC OnDemand Videos May 13, 2018 Security & RSAC & Session Videos My Picks I just wanted to bring to your attention that, the OnDemand Videos of the RSA Conference are available online. I’ve also listed below, two Create a Windows 10 Sandbox VM on VMware Workstation 14 May 13, 2018 Virtualization & Security & sandbox & VMware & workstation A sandbox, in the physical world, is an environment that you have control over. For example, the sandbox may have a raised border to keep the sand RSA Conference 2018 Apr 16, 2018 Security & RSAC Day One The last two days, were spent preparing for RSAC. Making sure all the devices and external battery were charged. That all the cables, RSA Conference 2018, Are You Going? Apr 5, 2018 Security & RSAC & bsides & bsidessf The RSA Conference is a very large, annual security conference held in San Francisco. It’s a great opportunity to see all the latest security VeeamON Exclusive Blogger, Excited and Honored Feb 24, 2018 Security & Virtualization & Veeam & VeeamOn & Blogger & Exclusive I’m excited and honored to announce that, I’ve been selected to be one of this years VeeamON Exclusive Bloggers! I plan on doing a lead up to the DFIR Community Slack Workspace Nov 17, 2017 Security & dfir & 4n6 & slack A free and open community of DFIR professionals Today’s Sip from the infoFireHose is a Slack Workspace focused on digital forensics and incident RSA Conference CCSP Crash Course, a Review Feb 14, 2017 Security & CCSP & course & RSAC As discussed in an earlier post, I elected for ISC2 training prior to the start of the RSA Conference. The CCSP crash course two-day was all day CCSP Reading List, Pre RSA Conference Training Jan 30, 2017 Security & CCSP & RSAC & reading list I posted about the RSA Conference early bird special pricing in late October and signed up for the conference at that time, but later I got approval Class Review, Citrix NetScaler Training CNS301 Jan 29, 2017 Network & Security & Virtualization & NetScaler & CNS301 & training The next leg of my NetScaler journey began the first week of January. I attended in NetScaler Advanced Implementation in class training at the RSA Conference Savings, Early Bird Oct 20, 2016 Security & RSAC Register for a Full Conference pass by November 4 and save $1,000 Last February, I attended the RSA Conference and BSides San Francisco and it was Change Management, Change Your Evil Ways! Jun 3, 2016 General & Security & change control & change management Change management, change tracking, change control, simple words that mean so many different things to people. Most companies have some process to How To Get The Last Boot Time In Windows Mar 9, 2016 General & Security & boot time & last boot & prior reboot & windows There’s usually more than one way to do things in IT and getting the last boot time in Windows is no different. Depending on OS Version, version of Forensic Lunch with David Cowen Feb 7, 2016 Security & dfir & 4n6 & forensic lunch & video podcast In this Sip from the infoFireHose I’m spotlighting Forensic Lunch Learn, Forensics with David Cowen and friends. Previously a weekly video podcast, Brakeing Down Security Podcast Jan 24, 2016 Security & podcast & Brakeing Down This spotlight is on the Brakeing Down Security Podcast by Bryan Brake and Brian Boettcher. A weekly podcast which averages an hour and hosts many What is WSUS? Oct 19, 2015 General & Security & WSUS & Microsoft & update services & windows Wikipedia defines WSUS as: “Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), previously known as Software Update Services (SUS), is a computer program What is NTP? Jan 14, 2015 Network & Security & NTP & Time Protocol Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a timing protocol that allows time synchronization across devices on a network to the Coordinated Universal Time UTC Change NetScaler Root Password and Add Users Oct 9, 2014 Security & Network & Citrix & NetScaler You can add users with the web GUI configuration utility or at the NetScaler command prompt In the web GUI navigate to System > User Administration NetScaler CCP-N 1Y0-350 Exam Resources Oct 9, 2014 Security & Network & CCP & CCP-N & Citrix & NetScaler The below are Citrix resources I’m basing my studying off of for the NetScaler Exam 1Y0-350. The first stop for me was the Citrix Education