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Macchanger Utility, and Usage Jul 30, 2018 Network & Security & macchanger & change mac Used it before, but nothing beyond changing the MAC, and moving on? In this lab, the macchanger command syntax is walked through. The purpose for 0057-setting_up_vswitch_nating_hyper-v Feb 6, 2017 Virtualization & Network & Hyper-V & vSwitch & NAT Being used to VMware Workstation, where NATing is a few GUI clicks away, I couldn’t find a GUI way of configuring it in Hyper-V. inside local 0042-ciscolive_2016_session_videos Aug 10, 2016 Network & Cisco & CiscoLive & Sessions & Videos Never been to Cisco Live, but want to see some of the awesome presentations? Not just the 2016 shows but the last five years. With four Cisco Live 0030-t568a_and_b_cable_termination Jan 1, 2016 Network & T568A & T568B & CableTermination & PatchCable & RJ45 & 8P8C I needed a network cable today for a printer. One longer than I had on hand. Go buy one? Nah, It wasn’t a mission critical server in my data center. 0026-what_is_a_network Oct 9, 2015 Network You need to share a document with a coworker in another location. You need to video conference with your family while on a business trip You need 0020-define_the_purpose_of_network_analysis Feb 21, 2015 Network & Analysis & WCNA & Wireshark Network analysis often called sniffing or protocol analysis, is the act of listening to communications traversing the network and breaking down the 0018-packets_dont_lie Feb 21, 2015 Network & Protocol & Packet & Analysis & Wireshark & Sniffer I have been using protocol analyzers since the days of Network General and have always loved the analytic view of the network. Not the smoke and 0017-wireshark_certified_network_analyst Feb 21, 2015 Network & Wireshark & WCNA & Udemy & Class & Review A few weeks ago I saw the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst WCNA class on sell at Udemy and that is what got me looking at the WCNA certification. 0019-list_troubleshooting_tasks_for_the_network_analyst Feb 21, 2015 Network & WCNA & Wireshark & Analyst Troubleshooting Tasks for the Network Analyst Some of the major troubleshooting tasks a network analyst may perform including following: Identify 0016-laura_chappell_wireshark_videos Feb 21, 2015 Network & WCNA & Wireshark & Training & Videos Free Wireshark Core Training WCT01 Network Analysis Overview and WCT02 Introduction to Wireshark. These videos are taught by Laura Chappell. Both 0015-what_is_latency Feb 18, 2015 Network & latency Latency, in regards to networking, is the time from when a source sends a packet and the destination receives it. It can be measured one way or 0012-what_is_ntp Jan 14, 2015 Network & Security & NTP & TimeProtocol Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a timing protocol that allows time synchronization across devices on a network to the Coordinated Universal Time UTC 0007-netscaler_ccp-n_exam_resources_citrix_ccp-n_1y0-350 Oct 9, 2014 Security & Network & CCP & CCP-N & Citrix & NetScaler The below are Citrix resources I’m basing my studying off of for the NetScaler Exam 1Y0-350. The first stop for me was the Citrix Education 0005-netscaler_vpx_in_vmware_workstation_10 Oct 9, 2014 Virtualization & Network & Citrix & Netscalers & VPX To create a Citrix account for downloading the NetScaler VPX trial software and allocate a license file, click on the My Account link located on the 0008-citrix_netscaler_ccp-n_exam_1y0-350_study_thoughts Oct 9, 2014 Network & Virtualization & CCP & CCP-N & Citrix & NetScaler I’m a firm believer of hands on labs and exercises. Especially when learning a new topic and when studying exam objectives. Please do not spend 0006-change_netscaler_root_password_and_add_users Oct 9, 2014 Security & Network & Citrix & NetScaler You can add users with the web GUI configuration utility or at the NetScaler command prompt In the web GUI navigate to System > User Administration 0004-set_initial_hostnamenetscaler_ip_subnet_and_gateway Oct 3, 2014 Virtualiztion & Network & Citrix & NetScaler & CCP & CCP-N I’ll be sharing my notes on the objectives, research, labs, and videos here. I hope someone finds them useful. There are four ways to set the