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Overview of vSphere 7 Video Jun 12, 2020 Virtualization & VMware & vSphere & Tech Notes Having not, had any hands on yet, with vSphere 7, I wanted an overview of what to expect. In this video Bob gives his picks, and below are a few 0050-vmware_vmotion Sep 26, 2016 Virtualization & VMware & vMotion & vSphere & Products & Features This post is about the vSphere 6 product feature vMotion. [1] The first time I saw a vMotion between two hosts it was amazing. Not only doing it 0049-vsphere_editions Sep 21, 2016 Virtualization & VMware & vSphere & Editions But where to start? You want to deploy VMware vSphere as your virtualization platform but… What edition? What’s an Addon? Do I need a kit? What do