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What’s New with Fusion and Workstation [HCP1833] Oct 1, 2020 General & Virtualization & VMWorld & HCP1833 & Tech Notes & @mikeroySoft Presentation was even by @mikeroySoft https://mikeroysoft.com/ Fusion standard is no more, but Workstation and Fusion player are free for non Road to VMware VMWorld 2017, All 22 miles Aug 28, 2017 Virtualization & VMware & VMWorld & Las Vegas I live in Las Vegas, which is great, a lot of conferences are held here. I’m also fortunate, as my employer, believes in conferences and training. VMworld 2016 Session Videos Sep 7, 2016 Virtualization & VMworld & VMware & session Videos VMware has decided to open up the VMworld Session videos to everyone. Previously, only attendees or those that purchased subscriptions were able to