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Markdown Crash Course Video Oct 10, 2020 markdown & crash course & md & @traversymedia & Development I’ve been writing a lot recently, such as this blog, in markdown. I’ve referenced cheatsheets etc, but I’m always a sucker for quick, braindump, File IO in Python Aug 26, 2020 Development & Python & fileio & Tech Notes These are my Tech Notes for File IO in Python. A file can be opened in several modes, read, append, write, and create. It can also be specified as HTML details Tag Sep 19, 2019 Development & HTML & Details Tag & Tech Notes Looking for a way to make a simple Question and Answer solution for little quiz/reflection sections in my blog posts, I came across many CSS/JS 0067-python_learning_resources Dec 29, 2017 Development & Python & Resources A friend on Twitter mentioned he was making a resolution to learn Python, and DM’d me privately to see if I knew of any links. I did a quick search 0068-finally_live Dec 29, 2017 Development & General Nothing like waiting until the last moment, with only two days remaining on my Wordpress.com plan. I’ve been working on the blog migrations since 0065-taking_longer_for_website_migrations Oct 30, 2017 Development & General When I embarked on the journey of breaking up my blog, scott-bollinger.com, into separate blogs by topic, Security, Virtualization, Network, DFIR, 0038-assembly_adventures_01 Apr 8, 2016 Development & Assembly & ASM & MASM & WinASM This sounded a whole lot better the other night. Learn Assembly? What was I thinking? Where to start? What is Assembly? That question is probably a 0039-sparks_of_inspiration Apr 8, 2016 Development & General A quick Google search on inspiration yields two simple definitions. To be “mentally stimulated to do or feel” and the act of “drawing in of breath; 0021-learning_new_things_and_enjoying_it Jul 4, 2015 Development This year has been fun and extremely busy. Quite the whirlwind. I had Alien Vault training in AZ, Citrix Synergy in Orlando, and recently learning 0013-making_the_computer_speak_with_powershell Jan 20, 2015 Development & PowerShell & Text2Voice & TTS The first movie I saw without adult supervision was the movie War Games. An adventure with hacking, the threat of nuclear war, space invaders, tab 0010-is_powershell_installed Jan 2, 2015 Development & PowerShell & Microsoft You’ve heard of PowerShell and now want to see if you have it installed and available on your Windows OS. At the Microsoft command prompt (run 0009-what_is_powershell Oct 9, 2014 Development & PowerShell & Microsoft PowerShell is a scripting language written on the .Net framework by Microsoft. Some would say, the new and improved Microsoft Command shell. A