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Markdown Crash Course Video Oct 10, 2020 markdown & crash course & md & @traversymedia & Development I’ve been writing a lot recently, such as this blog, in markdown. I’ve referenced cheatsheets etc, but I’m always a sucker for quick, braindump, File IO in Python Aug 26, 2020 Development & Python & fileio & Tech Notes These are my Tech Notes for File IO in Python. A file can be opened in several modes, read, append, write, and create. It can also be specified as HTML details Tag Sep 19, 2019 Development & HTML & Details Tag & Tech Notes Looking for a way to make a simple Question and Answer solution for little quiz/reflection sections in my blog posts, I came across many CSS/JS Finally Live, with Only Two Days to Spare Dec 29, 2017 Development & General Nothing like waiting until the last moment, with only two days remaining on my Wordpress.com plan. I’ve been working on the blog migrations since Python Learning Resources, Quick List Dec 29, 2017 Development & Python & resources A friend on Twitter mentioned he was making a resolution to learn Python, and DM’d me privately to see if I knew of any links. I did a quick search Taking longer for the website migrations, but I’m learning Oct 30, 2017 Development & General When I embarked on the journey of breaking up my blog, scott-bollinger.com, into separate blogs by topic, Security, Virtualization, Network, DFIR, Where to Even Start, Assembly Adventures 01 Apr 8, 2016 Development & assembly & asm & masm & winasm This sounded a whole lot better the other night. Learn Assembly? What was I thinking? Where to start? What is Assembly? That question is probably a Sparks of Inspiration, Be Inspired Apr 8, 2016 Development & General A quick Google search on inspiration yields two simple definitions. To be “mentally stimulated to do or feel” and the act of “drawing in of breath; Learning New Things, and Enjoying IT Jul 4, 2015 Development This year has been fun and extremely busy. Quite the whirlwind. I had Alien Vault training in AZ, Citrix Synergy in Orlando, and recently learning Making the Computer Speak with PowerShell Jan 20, 2015 Development & PowerShell & Text2Voice & TTS The first movie I saw without adult supervision was the movie War Games. An adventure with hacking, the threat of nuclear war, space invaders, tab Is PowerShell Installed? Jan 2, 2015 Development & PowerShell & Microsoft You’ve heard of PowerShell and now want to see if you have it installed and available on your Windows OS. At the Microsoft command prompt (run What is PowerShell? Oct 9, 2014 Development & PowerShell & Microsoft PowerShell is a scripting language written on the .Net framework by Microsoft. Some would say, the new and improved Microsoft Command shell. A