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Windows Error 2 Occured While Loading Java VM, During Citrix Command Center Installation Feb 6, 2017 General & Virtualization & Citrix & Command Center I got the below error while installing Citrix Command Center 5.2. A quick search of the error, “Windows error 2 occured while loading the Java VM”, Change NetScaler Root Password and Add Users Oct 9, 2014 Security & Network & Citrix & NetScaler You can add users with the web GUI configuration utility or at the NetScaler command prompt In the web GUI navigate to System > User Administration NetScaler CCP-N 1Y0-350 Exam Resources Oct 9, 2014 Security & Network & CCP & CCP-N & Citrix & NetScaler The below are Citrix resources I’m basing my studying off of for the NetScaler Exam 1Y0-350. The first stop for me was the Citrix Education Citrix NetScaler VPX Lab in VMware Workstation 10 Part 2 Oct 9, 2014 Virtualiztion & Network & Citrix & Netscaler & vpx To create a Citrix account for downloading the NetScaler VPX trial software and allocate a license file, click on the My Account link located on the Citrix NetScaler CCP-N Exam 1Y0-350 Study Thoughts Oct 9, 2014 Network & Virtualization & CCP & CCP-N & Citrix & NetScaler I’m a firm believer of hands on labs and exercises. Especially when learning a new topic and when studying exam objectives. Please do not spend Set initial Hostname, NetScaler IP, Subnet and Gateway Oct 3, 2014 Virtualiztion & Network & Citrix & NetScaler & CCP & CCP-N I’ll be sharing my notes on the objectives, research, labs, and videos here. I hope someone finds them useful. There are four ways to set the Citrix Synergy 2014 Anaheim! May 6, 2014 Virtualiztion & Citrix & Synergy I’m attending Citrix Synergy again this year. It’s my second time attending this conference. I found it very educational last year, the sessions as