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0016-laura_chappell_wireshark_videos Feb 21, 2015 Network & WCNA & Wireshark & Training & Videos Free Wireshark Core Training WCT01 Network Analysis Overview and WCT02 Introduction to Wireshark. These videos are taught by Laura Chappell. Both 0017-wireshark_certified_network_analyst Feb 21, 2015 Network & Wireshark & WCNA & Udemy & Class & Review A few weeks ago I saw the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst WCNA class on sell at Udemy and that is what got me looking at the WCNA certification. 0019-list_troubleshooting_tasks_for_the_network_analyst Feb 21, 2015 Network & WCNA & Wireshark & Analyst Troubleshooting Tasks for the Network Analyst Some of the major troubleshooting tasks a network analyst may perform including following: Identify 0020-define_the_purpose_of_network_analysis Feb 21, 2015 Network & Analysis & WCNA & Wireshark Network analysis often called sniffing or protocol analysis, is the act of listening to communications traversing the network and breaking down the 0018-packets_dont_lie Feb 21, 2015 Network & Protocol & Packet & Analysis & Wireshark & Sniffer I have been using protocol analyzers since the days of Network General and have always loved the analytic view of the network. Not the smoke and