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Update macOS with an all in one alias Oct 17, 2020 macOS & aio update & appstore & mas-cli & mas & brew mas & brew & softwareupdate & General & Tech Notes Combining brew update commands, and commands from the posts update-macos-via-cli-with-softwareupdate and manage-mac-appstore-apps-with-mas, an all Mac App Store Command Line Interface Oct 16, 2020 macOS & appstore & mas-cli & mas & brew mas & Tech Notes & General As stated in the mas-cli README, mas-cli is a simple command line interface for the Mac App Store. Designed for scripting and automation. It allows What’s New with Fusion and Workstation [HCP1833] Oct 1, 2020 General & Virtualization & VMWorld & HCP1833 & Tech Notes & @mikeroySoft Presentation was even by @mikeroySoft https://mikeroysoft.com/ Fusion standard is no more, but Workstation and Fusion player are free for non File IO in Python Aug 26, 2020 Development & Python & fileio & Tech Notes These are my Tech Notes for File IO in Python. A file can be opened in several modes, read, append, write, and create. It can also be specified as Overview of vSphere 7 Video Jun 12, 2020 Virtualization & VMware & vSphere & Tech Notes Having not, had any hands on yet, with vSphere 7, I wanted an overview of what to expect. In this video Bob gives his picks, and below are a few HTML details Tag Sep 19, 2019 Development & HTML & Details Tag & Tech Notes Looking for a way to make a simple Question and Answer solution for little quiz/reflection sections in my blog posts, I came across many CSS/JS