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0089-installng_microsoft_sql_2016 Aug 4, 2018 General & SQL & MSSQL & Microsoft & ManagmentStudio I’m installing MS SQL 2016 in this lab. Things like WSUS, will be moved here after their default installs, to see how those migration processes 0028-what_is_wsus Oct 19, 2015 General & Security & WSUS & Microsoft & UpdateServices & Windows Wikipedia defines WSUS as: “Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), previously known as Software Update Services (SUS), is a computer program 0010-is_powershell_installed Jan 2, 2015 Development & PowerShell & Microsoft You’ve heard of PowerShell and now want to see if you have it installed and available on your Windows OS. At the Microsoft command prompt (run 0009-what_is_powershell Oct 9, 2014 Development & PowerShell & Microsoft PowerShell is a scripting language written on the .Net framework by Microsoft. Some would say, the new and improved Microsoft Command shell. A