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Installing Microsoft SQL 2016, and Management Studio Aug 4, 2018 General & SQL & MSSQL & Microsoft & Managment Studio I’m installing MS SQL 2016 in this lab. Things like WSUS, will be moved here after their default installs, to see how those migration processes What is WSUS? Oct 19, 2015 General & Security & WSUS & Microsoft & update services & windows Wikipedia defines WSUS as: “Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), previously known as Software Update Services (SUS), is a computer program Is PowerShell Installed? Jan 2, 2015 Development & PowerShell & Microsoft You’ve heard of PowerShell and now want to see if you have it installed and available on your Windows OS. At the Microsoft command prompt (run What is PowerShell? Oct 9, 2014 Development & PowerShell & Microsoft PowerShell is a scripting language written on the .Net framework by Microsoft. Some would say, the new and improved Microsoft Command shell. A