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What’s New with Fusion and Workstation [HCP1833] Oct 1, 2020 General & Virtualization & VMWorld & HCP1833 & Tech Notes & @mikeroySoft Presentation was even by @mikeroySoft https://mikeroysoft.com/ Fusion standard is no more, but Workstation and Fusion player are free for non Overview of vSphere 7 Video Jun 12, 2020 Virtualization & VMware & vSphere & Tech Notes Having not, had any hands on yet, with vSphere 7, I wanted an overview of what to expect. In this video Bob gives his picks, and below are a few Intel NUC Lab Hosts Hardware Setup Aug 5, 2018 Virtualization & Intel & NUC & Lab & hosts It was a long time coming, buying proper Lab hardware, and after reading a couple of Blogs by Florian @virten, that I decided on the Intel NUC. One Create VMware ESXi USB Install Media Aug 5, 2018 Virtualization & ESXi & Install Media & USB Install & VMware It’s not often I install from physical media anymore, but it still has it’s uses. This USB stick, will be used to install ESXi, on my Intel NUC’s, Deploy VMware vCenter Appliance (VCSA) Aug 3, 2018 Virtualization & VCSA & vcenter & VMware & lab Download the VMware vCenter Appliance ISO from VMware Downloads, and Mount it on the VM you will be deploying vCenter from. Navigate to the Install a Kali Linux VM in a VMware ESXi 6.7 Environment Jul 24, 2018 Virtualization & Kali & Linux & VMware & ESXi & Security Beginning of the Security Lab There are a few options, when it comes to Kali, and running it as a VM. Available for download are, prebuilt VM Install Ubuntu 18.04 Virtual Machine in a VMware ESXi 6.7 Environment Jul 24, 2018 Virtualization & Ubuntu & VMware & ESXi Needing a desktop to work from while building the new infrastructure, one of the first virtual machine’s I’m building is a Ubuntu 18.04 with a Install VMware Workstation 14 on Ubuntu 18.04 Jul 23, 2018 Virtualization & VMware & workstation This lab I’m installing VMware Workstation 14 on Ubuntu 18.04 with a desktop environment. I followed the steps below. Go to the VMware.com Downloads Nested ESXi server Jul 22, 2018 Virtualization & lab & lab rat & ESXi & Nested & VMware For Lab Only, Not for Production Running a nested ESXi server, on another ESXi server, is definitely not supported by VMware, but it is an excellent Who is Veeam? May 25, 2018 Virtualization & General & Veeam & backup & BCDR Probably best known for it’s backup and recovery products, Veeam has positioned itself in the last twelve years, as a market leader in the Create a Windows 10 Sandbox VM on VMware Workstation 14 May 13, 2018 Virtualization & Security & sandbox & VMware & workstation A sandbox, in the physical world, is an environment that you have control over. For example, the sandbox may have a raised border to keep the sand Installing VMware Workstation 14 on Windows 10 Apr 13, 2018 Virtualization & VMware & workstation & windows 10 The reason I am doing this post, is for anyone new to IT that wants to experiment, and play with other Operation Systems, create vulnerable systems VMware vExpert 2018 Announcement, Great News Apr 12, 2018 Virtualization & vExpert & VMware I’m estatic to announce that, I was once again selected as a VMware vExpert. This is my second year, and if you know me you know I’m happy to VeeamON 2018 Conference, Alright, Who’s Going? Mar 15, 2018 Virtualization & General & Veeam & VeeamOn & BCDR VeeamON is the annual conference for Veeam Customers and Partners. Two and a half days of General Sessions, Keynotes, over 60 breakout sessions, VeeamON Exclusive Blogger, Excited and Honored Feb 24, 2018 Security & Virtualization & Veeam & VeeamOn & Blogger & Exclusive I’m excited and honored to announce that, I’ve been selected to be one of this years VeeamON Exclusive Bloggers! I plan on doing a lead up to the Road to VMware VMWorld 2017, All 22 miles Aug 28, 2017 Virtualization & VMware & VMWorld & Las Vegas I live in Las Vegas, which is great, a lot of conferences are held here. I’m also fortunate, as my employer, believes in conferences and training. My First VMWare vExpert, 2017 Award Mar 18, 2017 Virtualization & VMware & vExpert I’m honored and excited being a first time vExpert. (1) Thank you to Corey Romero, and the VMware Social Media & Community Team. For those of you Setting up an Internal vSwitch, NATing in Microsoft Hyper-V Feb 6, 2017 Virtualization & Network & Hyper-V & vSwitch & NAT Being used to VMware Workstation, where NATing is a few GUI clicks away, I couldn’t find a GUI way of configuring it in Hyper-V. inside local Windows Error 2 Occured While Loading Java VM, During Citrix Command Center Installation Feb 6, 2017 General & Virtualization & Citrix & Command Center I got the below error while installing Citrix Command Center 5.2. A quick search of the error, “Windows error 2 occured while loading the Java VM”, Error 3278 Failed To Change State Of The VM Feb 3, 2017 Virtualization & Hyper-v & error 3278 When powering on virtual machines in my Hyper-V lab, all of them gave Error 3278 failed to change state of the VM. They were working yesterday. All Class Review, Citrix NetScaler Training CNS301 Jan 29, 2017 Network & Security & Virtualization & NetScaler & CNS301 & training The next leg of my NetScaler journey began the first week of January. I attended in NetScaler Advanced Implementation in class training at the VMDK to VHDX Disk Conversion VMware to Microsoft Hyper-V Jan 29, 2017 Virtualization & VMDK & VHDX & VMware & Disk Converstion & convert disk Why not just use VMware Workstation or ESXi? In this use case it was 50% laziness, as I had just reinstalled the laptop and would need to install VMWare vMotion Sep 26, 2016 Virtualization & VMware & vMotion & vSphere & Product Features This post is about the vSphere 6 product feature vMotion. [1] The first time I saw a vMotion between two hosts it was amazing. Not only doing it vSphere Editions Sep 21, 2016 Virtualization & VMware & vSphere & editions But where to start? You want to deploy VMware vSphere as your virtualization platform but… What edition? What’s an Addon? Do I need a kit? What do VMWare License Entitlement, vSphere 6 Product Features Sep 21, 2016 Virtualization & VMware & license entitlement & licensing & product features [2] The first vSphere 6 product feature I’m posting about is License Entitlement. Meaning what do you get for each license. VMware vSphere is VMware Knowledge Base Explained Sep 14, 2016 Virtualization & VMware & KB & Knowledge Base My next VMware foundation topic is the VMware Knowledge Base[1]. It’s a great online self help resource for finding solutions to your problems. If Remove Unnecessary Hardware Devices from your Virtual Machines Sep 9, 2016 Virtualization & VMware Here’s a foundation topic, whose rationale fits in the virtual world just as it did in the physical world. Unnecessary or accessible hardware What are the VMware Tools? Sep 8, 2016 Virtualization & VMware & tools I’ve been going through the foundation topics and these are my notes on virtual machine tools - VMware Tools. What they are, why you need them, and VMworld 2016 Session Videos Sep 7, 2016 Virtualization & VMworld & VMware & session Videos VMware has decided to open up the VMworld Session videos to everyone. Previously, only attendees or those that purchased subscriptions were able to Top Virtualization Blogs 2016 Sep 6, 2016 Virtualization & blogs Visit Eric Siebert’s blog vSphere-land.com today! Great posts as well as a wealth of information and resources. Did I mention resources? Ton’s of E1000/VMXnet3, Tales from the Trench Mar 8, 2016 VMware & vmxnet3 & e1000 & Virtualization Was it a disaster situation? A 0-day? or a data center fire? Nope, not a flashy problem or even a spectacular firestorm. An inadvertent change of a VCA6-DCV Certification And Free Training Jan 4, 2016 Virtualization & VCA & VMware & VCA6-DCV I have a great news for you. If you’ve looked into VMware certifications previously, then you know there has always been a training course What is Virtualization? Jan 3, 2016 Virtualization & hypervisor & type 1 & type 2 & vm & virtual machine Virtualization is the abstracting of physical hardware and the ability to assign those resources via software. Prior to virtualization, a single AWS WorkSpaces, VDI Minus the Infrastructure Jul 8, 2015 Virtualization & Amazon & AWS VDI minus the I? Not quite, but could almost be.Depending our your desktop workload, AWS WorkSpaces could be a viable virtual desktop environment. What is AWS? Jul 8, 2015 Virtualization & Amazon & AWS AWS is Amazon Web Services. They offer a set of products and services that include (1) “compute, storage, database, analytic’s, application, and AWS EC2 Snapshots in a Snap with PowerShell Jul 8, 2015 Virtualization & Amazon & AWS I needed a process that would give me basic protection in AWS and take snapshots of my EC2 instances as a DR/BR backup process. The EC2 snapshots Citrix NetScaler CCP-N Exam 1Y0-350 Study Thoughts Oct 9, 2014 Network & Virtualization & CCP & CCP-N & Citrix & NetScaler I’m a firm believer of hands on labs and exercises. Especially when learning a new topic and when studying exam objectives. Please do not spend