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A Thing I Learned Today

Microsoft RD Client

iOS App for Remote Desktop RDP

Intel NUC Lab Hosts

Hardware Setup

Create VMware ESXi USB Install Media

Installing Microsoft SQL 2016

and Management Studio

Deploy VMWare vCenter Appliance (VCSA)

in the VMware Lab

Installing the First Two Domain Controllers

in the VMware ESXi 6.7 Lab Environment

Macchanger Utility, and Usage

Exploring the Command Syntax

Install a Kali Linux VM

in a VMware ESXi 6.7 Environment

Install ESXi 6.7 Nested

in an ESXi 6.7 Environment

Install Ubuntu 18.04 Virtual Machine

in a VMware ESXi 6.7 Environment

Install Chromium

on Ubuntu 18.04

Install OpenSSH

on Ubuntu 18.04

Install xRDP

on Ubuntu 18.04

Install VMware Workstation 14

on Ubuntu 18.04

Laboratorium Rattus

The Animal Within

Who is Veeam?

And Why I Use Them

Create a Windows 10 Sandbox VM

On VMware Workstation 14

RSAC OnDemand Videos

My Picks

RSA Conference 2018

Day One

Installing VMware Workstation 14

On Windows 10

VMware vExpert 2018 Announcement

Great News

RSA Conference 2018

Are You Going?

VeeamON 2018

Alright, Who's Going?

VeeamON Exclusive Blogger

Excited And Honored

Python Learning Resources

Quick List

Finally Live

With Only Two Days To Spare

DFIR Community Slack Workspace

A Sip From The infoFireHose

Taking Longer For The Websites Migrations

But I'm Learning

Road To VMWorld 2017

All 22 Miles

Using Mute To Streamline Your Twitter Timeline

Twitter Mute

Do You Love IT?

Are You Doing What You Love?

My First VMware vExpert

2017 Awards

46, Little Look Back, Long Look Forward

Reflections And Refinement

ITIL Free Training Resource

A Sip From The infoFireHose

CCSP Crash Course Review

RSA Conference Training

Windows Error 2 While Loading Java

During Citrix Command Center Installation

Setting Up Internal vSwitch

NATing In Microsoft Hyper-V

Error 3278 Failed To Change State Of The VM

How I Blew Up My Hyper-V Lab

Pre CCSP Reading List

RSA Conference Training

VMDK To VHDX Disk Conversion

VMware To Microsoft Hyper-V

NetScaler 301 Class Review

Citrix Training CNS 301

RSA Conference Savings

Early Bird

VMware vMotion

vSphere 6 Product Features

VMware License Entitlement

vSphere 6 Product Features

vSphere Editions Demystified

VMware vSphere Editions

VMware Knowledge Base Explained

KB's What And Where To Find Them

Remove Unnecessary Hardware Devices

From Your Virtual Machines

What Are The VMware Tools?

Help, I Can't Control My VM

VMworld 2016 Session Videos

A Sip From The infoFireHose

Top vBlogs 2016

Virtualization Blogs

CiscoLive 2016 Session Videos

A Sip From The infoFireHose

Change Management

Change Your Evil Ways!

2016...50% Done Loading

All A Blur

Assembly Adventures 01

Where To Even Start

What Is Inspiration?

Sparks Of Inspirtation

Windows Last Boot Time

Get The Last Boot Time


Tales From The Trench

Forensic Lunch With David Cowen

A Sip From The infoFireHose

Brakeing Down Security Podcast

A Sip From The infoFireHose

VCA6-DCV Certification

VMware Certified Associate 6 - Data Center Virtualization

What Is Virtualization?

Virtualizing The Physical World

A Sip From The infoFireHose

A Series

T568A And T568B

EIA/TIA 568 Cable Termination

Happy New Year 2016

New Blog Home

Local User Groups

Meeting And Meetups

What Is WSUS?

Windows Update Services (WSUS)

My Pluralsight Review

A Geek Candy Store

EC2 Snapshots In A Snap

With PowerShell

What Is AWS?

Amazon Web Services

What's AWS WorkSpaces?

VDI Minus The Infrastructure?

Learning New Things

And Enjoying IT!

Wireshark Certified Network Analyst

WCNA Class On Udemy

Packets Don't Lie

Wireshark, And Sniffer Days Of Old

List Troubleshooting Tasks For The Network Analyst

WCNA Exam WCNA102.1 Objective 1.2

Laura Chappell Wireshark Videos

Free Wireshark Core Training Videos

Define The Purpose Of Network Analysis

WCNA Exam WCNA102.1 Objective 1.1

What Is Latency?

Network Latency

What Blogging Is For Me

Why I Post

What is NTP?

Network Time Protocol

Make Your Computer Speak With PowerShell

Talk Geeky To Me

Is PowerShell Installed?

How To Tell

Happy New Year


NetScaler VPX In VMware Workstation

Citrix NetScaler VPX Lab Part 2

What Is A Network?

So, What Is A Network?

Change NetScaler Root Password And Add Users

Citrix NetScaler CCP-N Exam 1Y0-350 Objectives 1.04

What Is PowerShell?

Microsoft PowerShell

Citrix NetScaler CCP-N Exam 1Y0-350

Learning Resources

Citrix NetScaler VPX Lab Part 1

Local Resource Lab Setup

Set Initial Hostname, NetScaler IP, Subnet And Gateway

Citrix NetScaler CCP-N Exam 1Y0-350 Objective 1.01

Citrix Synergy 2014


Identifying, Unmounting CDs, And Rescanning The HBAs

With VMware PowerCLI