March 17, 2017

46, Little Look Back Long Look Forward


As the morning of March 17th closes, so too does the sunset on my 46th year.

Good grief, in four years I'll be fifty years old, and have been in IT professionally 25 years.

Approaching 50, I've been looking for signs of a pending midlife crisis, or a, "What did I do with my life?" moment, but I haven't seen it. No desire to purchase a sports car. Crawling in and out of a car riding 4 inches off the ground, doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. I'm happily married 15 years, work from home, explore and research by night. Without my wonderful wife Kelly taking care of the day to day, the bills, and keeping us in snacks, I wouldn't be able to do 90% of what I do.

Forty-six years old and a IT career of twenty-one years, there should be more than a few of life's lessons I can share. Some come to mind and fortunately, the statute of limitations have expired on most, so I'll be posting about a few of the more fun ones.


Most times, I find myself reflecting, not on how I'd change things or past situations, but on how they've molded and hopefully prepared me for the future situations.

Technology, humans need upgrades and maintenance too

A vintage car with dints, dings, and mileage, has a story to tell for each one.  Though to really appreciate something, sometimes it's necessary to tear it down and examine all the pieces, replace parts, repaint, and rev it up a little. I've been chewing on this line of thought for a few months. A review of my foundations, re-enforce, and strengthen skills, an honest evaluation of any gaps in knowledge.

With 30+ technical certification past and present, I'll be the first to tell you, I'm no expert. It seems there has been a lot of people giving their opinions on certifications lately, pro and mostly con, I will be throwing mine out there this week as well.

A favorite quote, from Albert Einstein is, "The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know."

Don’t fall behind

If you are not learning and looking at new technologies daily, then you are falling behind.

Technology changes daily, upgrades, revisions, rewrites, advancements, daily, in a never ending stream of information I like to think of as the IT Info Fire Hose. One cannot imbibe its entirety, careful and frequent sips, is my strategy.

Carpe Opportunitas

I'll also be discussing how seizing opportunities, made and inhibited my career at times.  Just remember that every challenge is an opportunity to learn something. After every outage and every implementation there are lessons learned to be discussed.

I am fortunate to have additional resources available to me this year, for study and labs, and will be posting about those as well. #vexpert2017


Another quote from Albert Einstein is, "You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother."

In the spirit of the quote, there will be a series of posts of me describing topics from memory. Then I will go back through the post, research and correct any issues, so I can strengthen my knowledge and explanation the next time.


Those that know me, know I'm not a niche IT person. My current assignment has me working all silos, storage, virtualization, network, security, and I love it. Impossible to keep up with every aspect and announcement, but I'll be sharing some of my strategies.

Warm Up

Caution, the first 46 years was a warm up so, buckle up, hold on, good times and hard truths ahead.

I hope you enjoy the first series of posts coming this week.