July 24, 2018

Install Chromium on Ubuntu 18.04

Install Chromium
on Ubuntu 18.04

Saying Hello to an Old Friend, or at Least it's Weird Cousin

I've been a Google Chrome fanboy for sometime. So, when I started using Ubuntu, I looked for my normal Google Chrome experience.

In this lab, I'm installing Chromium on Ubuntu 18.04. For me it's a new app to explore, but still familiar enough to to actually be useful to use, and get some work done.

It's definitely a One and Done, type of install. Open a terminal connection and type: sudo apt install chromium-browser

Type Y to continue

It appears the installation was successful. Now to test.

Click on Activities in the upper left hand corner, type Chromium in the search area, and select Chromium Web Browser

Looks a lot like Chrome. Now time to explore.