July 23, 2018

Install VMware Workstation 14 on Ubuntu 18.04

The Install

This lab I'm installing VMware Workstation 14 on Ubuntu 18.04 with a desktop environment.

The install is not difficult, though I had only done it once before. I followed the steps below:

Go to the VMware.com Downloads and download the latest edition of VMware Workstation for Linux. This will be needed in a later step.

Install the Build Essential package, which is a dependency prior to installing VMware Workstation. Open a terminal session and type: sudo apt install build-essential

Open a terminal session and type: sudo apt install build-essential

Next begin the installation by typing following. Remember to replace ~/vmwareworkstation.install with the location and file name you downloaded VMware Workstation: sudo bash ~/vmwareworkstation.install

You have to accept the EULA by typing yes, and answer a few questions, all of which, I left default, except answering no to participating in the customer improvement program. Hit Enter to begin the installation.

If your installation was successful you should see something similar to the below.

Exit your Terminal session, and Click on Activities in the upper left hand corner and search for VMware. Select VMware Workstation to open.

Enter your license key or select evaluation to begin.

You are now ready to start using VMware Workstation on your Ubuntu Desktop.

See like I said not hard at all. Just a stepping stone to additional labs and exploration. I also use VMware Workstation to stage and develop VM's to later upload to the ESX environment, using VMware Workstations built in upload feature. Hoped you found this useful.