September 6, 2016

Top vBlogs 2016 Virtualization Blogs

Visit Eric Siebert's blog today!

Great posts as well as a wealth of information and resources.

Did I mention resources? Ton's of them.

Top vBlog 2016 Full Results

Annually, they do a Top vBlogs list, which is voted on by the community. The full results for this year can be found here.  A recording of the Live Result.

I am honored to have made the list for the first time at 169! To be on the same list of those that I follow and read is absolutely inspiring.

There are many of the usual names that we all follow and know. But make sure to take a look at some of the smaller less known blogs and you'll find some real gems there as well.

Thanks to VMTurbo for sponsoring the list!

VMTurbo is now called VMTurboTurbonomic.

New name, same vision!

The vLaunchPad is a great launch page that has all the Personal blogs and Business blogs in one handy page. As well as much much more.