May 20, 2017

Using Mute to Streamline your Twitter Timeline Twitter Tip Mute

Muting in Twitter

First off, I don't mute anyone I follow, however, I do use mute to keep my timeline focused and less cluttered.

So how do I do that, and not mute anyone I follow?

You can mute someone you don't follow.

Let that sink in a minute.

Why mute someone I don't follow?

When you mute a Twitter user, it simply removes them from showing up in your timeline and notifications. Any user.

For instance, there's someone you follow and enjoy their timeline, but every other tweet is something you don't want to see. Or worse, be seen with on your screen.

How about someone you don't follow commenting on every one of your tweets for no understandable reason?

You can't control those around you but you can insulate yourself.


It doesn't have to be anything offensive. How about just staying focused? I like to keep my timeline focused on technology people. Notice, I didn't say my timeline is only technology.

For me, it's not only the lastest technology or blog posts but also the person behind it. Seeing the kids recital or photos from a family gathering, allow me to relate on a human level. When I'm lucky I get to see people at conferences or user group meetings, and frequently airports, but this doesn't mean that there are some topics or accounts I have no interest in seeing.

So, I still get to see the brilliant tweets from my favorites but I skip the Anime P0rn, Political, NSFW, and sports teams retweets from cluttering my timeline.

That said, if you're a football team or F1 fanatic, then don't mute those accounts you wish to continue seeing.

More than likely, you're following your favorites already.

Use the mute for the obnoxious political accounts that seems to be everyone's favorite retweet of the week. Boom gone from your timeline.

Gone Forever?

No, if you go to the muted users profile you can still read the tweets or catchup. Also, any muted users will still show up when you visit another users timeline, they will not be muted and hidden.

The catch is you have to mute the twitter account you don't want to see, not the user doing the retweeting.


You can always unmute if you make a mistake. So mute the accounts you don't want cluttering your timeline.

Give it a try. Hope it helps.