January 4, 2016

VCA6-DCV Certification And Free Training VMware Certified Associate 6-Data Center Virtualization


I have a great news for you. If you've looked into VMware certifications previously, then you know there has always been a training course requirement. The ~5k is a huge sum for small companies or those self funding to pay for training.

Bigger News!

There is no course requirements for the new associate level certifications as there is with the professional level certifications.

If that was the only news it would great for those looking to get their foot in the VMware door.

But wait there's more!

Free online training courses are available for ALL associate level certifications from VMware.

No course requirement and free training too?!

Of course there is still an exam fee, but your excuses are dwindling for not getting started with VMware.


The VMware Certified Associate 6 Data Center Virtualization VCA6-DCV is the entry level certification for Data Center Virtualization and the requirements are here - VCA6-DCV certification requirements.

The recommended training is a free 3 hour online self-paced course titled Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals.

The VCA6-DCV exam 1V0-601 is 75 minutes with 50 questions and cost 120$US.

This is a great introduction to data center virtualization and an awesome start into virtualization and VMware certifications.

It's free training, so why wouldn't you?