February 24, 2018

VeeamON Exclusive Blogger Excited and Honored

VeeamON Exclusive Blogger
Excited and Honored

Veeam Exclusives

I'm excited and honored to announce that, I've been selected to be one of this years VeeamON Exclusive Bloggers! I plan on doing a lead up to the conference, as well, the conference itself. Including some behind the scenes, and new products and features.

VeeamON, Chicago!

I've attended the last two VeeamON conferences, and found the conferences very educational, and a great place to network with other customers. As well as experts, like the Veeam Vanguard, which is a group of individuals selected by Veeam, for their brand Evangelist and Expert's program. I've found these individuals to be knowledgeable and approachable at past conferences. So follow them on Twitter and stalk them at the conference!


Adhering to my disclaimer policy, I'd like to state that Veeam is comping the conference pass only part of my trip, and I'm under no obligation as to the content or extent to which I'll blog on the topic.

I'm taking this opportunity to write about Veeam because I like the products, and also a Veeam customer. As always, you'll have my honest opinions and criticisms. I'm nothing if not brutally honest.