January 2, 2016

A Sip from the infoFireHose A Series


This is the first in a series posts titled Sipping from the Info Fire Hose. Plainly put, attempting to stay abreast in technology today is like attempting to drink from a firehose. You can't take it all in at once. The difficulty to stay abreast is increased for every technology you support. Overwhelming, even for the most seasoned professional.

I will be spotlighting content streams that I consume regularly.

The first victim or spotlight is me

The website is www.scott-bollinger.com. It covers many technologies, Virtualization, Storage, Networking, and generally anything I happen to be working on a the time. The past posting frequency is somewhat lacking. Ever the optimist I endeavor to rectify that! I'm big on sharing free training or study resources. So even if you don't like my writing style or topics, be welcome here and visit the Resources page for an ever growing list of free online resources.

Future posts will be People I follow and Blogs I read in my studies and research.