February 14, 2017

RSA Conference CCSP Crash Course A Review

CCSP - Certified Cloud Security Professional

As discussed in an earlier post, I elected for ISC2 training prior to the start of the RSA Conference. The CCSP crash course two-day was all day Sunday and Monday.


The training, usually a 5 day course was, for this week, was in a compressed format lasting only 2 days.


The instructor was Kevin L. Jackson @Kevin_Jackson. He was very knowledgeable, and even though the class was in it's compressed time format, it flowed with ease. He was engaging, even during some of the 'drier' topics. I would definitely take another course from him.


The official ISC2 CCSP CBK book was in hard copy format. In my opinion, ISC2 needs to think less about the money and the possibility of pirating, and more about the environment. All of the recent trainings from Citrix and VMware have been giving PDF copies. It's not like the book isn't in pdf form online for the taking anyway, if you're so inclined.


My objective for the cram session was not to braindump and learn whatever I needed to pass the exam. In fact the exam questions and specifics weren't discuss except for where to find the information on the ISC2 website and the objectives outline.

I took this training as a quick deep dive on selected important topics. Of course in the compressed format, I knew we wouldn't touch on every topic. With my reading list posted here and this training, I'm confident I'll be able to study the rest of the objectives and plan on taking the exam by the end of the month.