The Terminator

I needed a network cable today for a printer. One longer than I had on hand. Go buy one? Nah, It wasn’t a mission critical server in my data center. It was a printer.

Crimping network cables was one of the first things I learned when I started in technology. With the exception of custom lengths for low speed endpoints, I always buy machine made cables. It only takes one bad crimp that causes intermittent issues you have to troubleshoot at 3am over the phone and you will too.

The skill of making cables is no longer the rite of passage it once was, but it is a skill you will use repeatedly in your career. So I urge you to learn it if you don’t already.

Below is some reference materials and a link to the standard.

All the Pretty Colors

Below is the Category 6, 5 Enhanced, and 5 (CAT6/5E/5) cable termination and the associated mapping of color wire to associated pin (color map) for guidelines T568A and T568B.

Terminating the 8P8C (often referred to incorrectly as RJ45. Yeah, I know I learned it that way too.) modular connector for CAT6/5E/5 cables is defined by the EIA/TIA standard EIA/TIA568 which contain guidelines T568A and T568B which specify the color maps to be used.


  1. EIA/TIA 568 standard document http://www.csd.uoc.gr/~hy435/material/TIA-EIA-568-B.2.pdf
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